Patient Portal

Dr. Landry,
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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

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Patient Portal

Patient Portal allows you to communicate with us easily, safely, and securely over the Internet. Patient Portal is provided at no additional cost to you and is an optional service – you can opt in or out at any time, although we do recommend using it to all of our patients. The Portal is typically used by FamilyFirst HealthCare patients to review their test results, view visit summaries, and send/receive secure messages to/from FamilyFirst.

FamilyFirst HealthCare highly recommends using the Patient Portal for most communications.

If you are a new patient please call to schedule an appointment and notify the front desk that you would like to be registered for the portal upon arrival.

If you are an established patient and want to request access to the patient portal, please call and speak to the front desk to register.

Upon registration, you will receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD that will allow you to sign into the portal.

Why use the Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal has many useful features and it is free!

Review detailed test results
Request referrals
Review billing statements
Manage demographics and health history
View PHR (Personal Health Record) Summary
Request prescription refill
Secured e-mail communication with your doctor or staff

Your confidentiality is important to us. When you connect to the portal, you are NOT connection to our actual office computer system, but a secure website hosted elsewhere. Only the limited information is stored on the portal, your actual records are maintained in our office.

If you need to change your password, or simply wish to deactivate the service please call the office.

How does the Patient Portal Work?

You will need a USERNAME and PASSWORD to enter the portal

At the initial login, you will need to accept the terms of use for the portal

Please do not use your browser navigation buttons, but click instead on the links within the portal for navigation.

Once in the portal, you can navigate to look at your appointments, manage your personal information, look at your medication list, request refills, and look at your lab test results. You can also send and receive messages from our office. Feel free to explore the portal!

Patient Portal Access Policies

The portal is available for non-emergencies only! It may take several hours to receive a reply in some cases.

For security reasons, passwords can only be administered in person during normal business hours and we cannot reset passwords over the phone.

Web based requests will be handled in the order they are received. Depending on the nature of the request our office may respond with a message sent to your portal, a phone call, or we may request that you come to the office to be seen.

If you do not receive a reply within 1 business day, please call the office directly for assistance.


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